The Law Office of Advocate R. Noreika was established in 2004 and the advocate’s practice has been successfully carried out for more than 13 years. Experienced advocates and advocate assistants work at the Law Office. The majority of the advocates have over 20 years of work experience in field of law. The steady increase in the number of advocates and advocate assistants working at the office makes it possible to provide the clients with the legal services of the highest possible quality and to place the utmost focus on the resolution of a client’s problem.
We are one of the quite large law offices of Klaipėda city. The rapid increase in the number of legal acts adopted and the practice of the courts require an increase in the range of lawyers in the office to ensure the opportunity to specialize and to have a deeper insight into the client’s problem and the legal basis related to its resolution, which, at the same time, creates the conditions for the provision of the highest quality legal services. The clients’ legal issues entrusted to the office advocates are handled making use of the experience gained and looking for the most appropriate solution to the problem while keeping strict confidentiality of the client’s information entrusted to us.
The Law Office of Advocate R. Noreika provides legal services concerning the civil, family, succession, labour, real estate and construction, land, insurance, corporate, criminal, and administrative law as well as other closely related branches of law. Our advocates are involved in the proceedings regarding divorce, damages, debt settlement, contract disputes, co-owners disputes, labour disputes, disputes between shareholders and directors, as well as other types of cases. When providing the services, we consult the clients, prepare procedural documents for the court and other institutions, as well as, at the request of the client, draw up contracts, provide representation in civil and administrative cases and defence in criminal cases.
Our goal is to seek the most advantageous outcome to the client by maximizing our efforts.