More about Administrative law

Administrative law

We lodge complaints concerning abolition of administrative penalties, represent clients in administrative offense cases and in administrative disputes with state and municipal institutions in the field of public administration.

More about Insurance law

Insurance law

We represent clients in disputes with insurance companies concerning non-payment of insurance benefit according to the property, life, vehicle compulsory or Casco insurance agreements. The advocates also defend clients’ interests from unreasonable requirements of the insurance companies to compensate for damages.

More about Real estate and construction law

Real estate and construction law

We help our clients to resolve the issues concerning the property acquisition under the acquisitive prescription, real property item formation, and the registration of property and any changes to it in case of a dispute; consult and represent co-owners in the disputes concerning the management and disposal of the property under joint ownership (determining the procedure for the use of an item and its removal from the joint ownership), and protect the rights of the owner to reclaim the item from the adverse possessor or remove the obstacles to use the item. We represent the clients in various disputes related to the disposal of the property (purchase and sale, lease, inheritance, etc.), the invalidation of contracts concerning the transfer of property, the issuance or cancellation of construction permits, the elimination of the consequences of arbitrary construction, the disputes between the customer and the contractor, as well as the disputes concerning the quality and removal of the defects of the construction work carried out.

More about Land law

Land law

The advocates consult and represent clients Consul in disputes concerning the formation or reconstruction of land plots, preparation procedures of detail plans, also in disputes concerning determination of the plot borders, co-owners’ disputes concerning determining the order of plots in their usage or marking-off from common property.

More about Labour law

Labour law

The advocates consult and represent clients in courts concerning dismissal from work, concerning cancellation of disciplinary punishments, replacement of work conditions, adjudgement of the wage unpaid, and concerning compensation for damages.

More about Succession law

Succession law

The advocates prepare and represent in the cases regarding renewal of the term for acceptance of an inheritance, challenging of testaments and certificates of the right of succession, intercommunion between successors.

More about Family law

Family law

The Law Office of advocate R. Noreika provides legal services in divorce and property division cases, solving disputes concerning children (establishment of a place of residence, adjudication of maintenance or replacement of a maintenance amount, establishment of an order of communication with a child), also affiliation or challenging in custodial and care establishment cases. We have acquired experience solving international family cases, when one or both parties of a dispute, children, property is not within the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.

More about Criminal law

Criminal law

The Law Office of advocate R. Noreika provides defence in criminal cases of various nature concerning deliberate or careless (auto-accidents, accidents) offences. We have acquired a great experience in economic and financial cases. The advocates represent the aggrieved and civil plaintiffs in all pre-trial and judicial investigation stages of criminal process.

More about Civil law

Civil law

The Law Office of advocate R. Noreika provides legal services concerning challenging agreements and other transactions, persons’ recognition as incapable or having diminished capacity, compensation for damages made to the company by the unfair actions of a legal persons’ members (shareholders, managers), compensation for damages made to shareholders, other disputes between the shareholders and/or managers, disputes concerning the execution of inappropriate contractual obligations, forfeitures, as well as disputes related to sale and purchase, gift, lease, loan, service supplying, transporting, credit, common activity, insurance agreements, disputes concerning compensation for damages due to the inappropriate execution of contractual obligations and after causing damage on another basis (because of crime, accidents, health injury, killing, property damage or destruction), including the recovery of debts.