Viktoras Kičiatovas


+370 (686) 46865


1989 – 1994 Vilnius University Faculty of Law (Master’s Degree in Law)

Legal practice

From October 2017 Associate advocate at the Law Office of advocate R. Noreika
26 October 2017 enrolled into the list of advocates of the Republic of Lithuania
2002 – 2017 Senior deputy prosecutor of the Klaipėda circuit
1994 – 2002 Prosecutor at the Klaipėda circuit prosecutor’s department

Main specialisation areas

Criminal law

The Law Office of advocate R. Noreika provides defence in criminal cases of various nature concerning deliberate or careless (auto-accidents, accidents) offences. We have acquired a great experience in economic and financial cases. The advocates represent the aggrieved and civil plaintiffs in all pre-trial and judicial investigation stages of criminal process.

Administrative offense

We lodge complaints concerning abolition of administrative penalties, represent clients in administrative offense cases and in administrative disputes with state and municipal institutions in the field of public administration.

Advocate Viktoras Kičiatovas has gained a wealth of criminal law knowledge and practical experience, which enables a competent and principled defence of clients in criminal cases. While carrying out his activities, the advocate follows the legal principles objectively and responsibly, purposefully pursues the set goals and effectively ensures the interests of the client. The advocate is distinguished by a high level of professionalism, initiative, and has an excellent knowledge of the laws regulating the criminal law branch and their proper application to practice. Viktoras Kičiatovas is continuously improving the professional skills and personal qualities that strengthen the legal competences, thus ensuring the ultimate mutual trust and business cooperation between the advocate and the client.